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World Environment Day

Happy World Enviroment Day! "In all things of nature, there is something of the marvellous ." -Aristotle

Zero Discrimination Day

📍Celebrate #ZeroDiscriminationDay because: - You can make a #difference. One small act can make a difference. - #Discrimination continues to be a huge problem even today. Real progress cannot be made until discrimination is eradicated at a grassroots level. - #Awareness is essential. We have a long way to go. Until then, awareness is crucial …

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Funny Quotes

Now that is so clever... Any other suggestions?


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🐾Life is more fun if you play games. #hamiltonhousepublishers #elt #englishlanguageteaching #English #dream #believe #achieve #games #quizzes

Tout pour le lexique :

Hôtel Bogotá Plaza 18a avenue 100 - 41, Bogota, Colombia

  Tout pour le lexique :  Comment découvrir, mémoriser, enrichir le lexique pour nos apprenants ? Quels sont les outils qui existent et que l’on peut mettre en place dans …

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